During 2014 & 2015, EarthCare Fund accomplished the following vital job-creating project in Africa:


A rubber tree in Liberia2014: EarthCare Fund gave a grant totaling $15,000.00 for agricultural projects under the direction of Daniel Paygar. He and his extended family in rural Rivercess County have 200 acres of land under cultivation for food production (rice, cassava, various vegetables, raising chickens, ducks and goats) and a rubber tree farm. Daniel Paygar The project employs farm workers supervised by an agricultural technician, and assistance is being provided by the Liberia Agricultural Company and Firestone Rubber Company. Altogether 40 people are involved in this environmental job-creating program. A grant of $15,000.00 was sent on 04/10/14.

2015: Earthcare Fund gave a total of $5,000.00 to Daniel Paygar in Liberia, Africa. A gift of $3,000.00 was given on 05/01/15 and a gift of $2,000.00 was given on 07/01/15.

Daniel Paygar has been working diligently to bring this project forward.

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